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Who am I talking to? Who might need a doula? Part 5 - PREGNANT & CONFUSED/ SAD/ ANGRY

You found out that you are pregnant and it might have come as a surprise, you might be in a complicated relationship, or it might be a baby coming from an abusive situation, or you might simply just not feel super ready for it. Still, having an abortion is not an option for you. And that is your choice and frankly nobody else's business.

Perhaps you were looking forward to becoming a mum, but it turns out pregnancy brings up some issues, physically or emotionally that you didn't expect to deal with. Everybody automatically assumes you are over the moon when you announce that you are creating another being, but you don't get it because you are feeling far from overjoyed! There are adjustments you never imagined you would have to go make, to eat, to sleep, to drink. You are finding yourself having to change a lot of your habits, and it isn't fun.

And you might be fine with pregnancy, but so taken by fear of birth, fear of what comes after birth, that you can't enjoy what is happening now. You are told your body is made to birth, but you don't see it, it doesn't seem natural for you at all. Then I am here to provide as much information as I can to help you prepare, and help you believe in your ability to birth your child and your capacity to care for your baby once the birth has occurred.

I am not here to judge, I am not here to shame you. I come as a support who will have you and your well-being in mind. I want to give you the tools to find the way that is right for you. Fun ways sometimes, finding a route that makes your situation bearable at the very least. You might not live pregnancy like people want you to, but as long as you find a way to experience it in a way that works for you, it is the most important. My mission is to help you help yourself.

Whether you feel confused or sad or angry, I hope to help you allow yourself to feel those things. You are pregnant and a lot of people around you might make you feel as though you "should" feel a certain way. In my eyes you feel what you feel, and whatever it is, it is nobody's business to judge that it should be otherwise. It is ok either way.

Whoever you are, I hope to bring a little light in your heart !

Wishing you to focus on you and what you want and need!

See ya 😘

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