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The First 40 Days 

The first 40 days after your birth are precious, not only for your newborn baby who is discovering life on earth, with you and everything that surrounds that new lifestyle, but also for you, the mother. Your body has gone under tremendous changes physiologically, hormonally and emotionally. At this crucial time I am going to be "mothering the mother" in order for both you and your baby to create a bond like no other, and for you to rest and recover from your birth. 3 hours every day for us to chat about any fear or question you may have, offer foods and teas that help accelerate your healing. I am also happy to create time for you to use the loo, shower or bathe whilst your baby is in safe hands, a time for you and your partner to sleep or reconnect whilst your baby is being looked after and cuddled, when there are siblings, I am also there to help you find the best ways for them to connect to the new addition to the family and help them get involve at their own pace. All in all, I am here to let you ease into your new journey with unconditional support, without judgement and a lot of love.

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