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Sephora on the left, Sonia on the right

A doula for everyone who wants one!

It takes a village to raise a child! 

We want to bring that village right at the root of our work. Let's get the community involved to help you.

See below how to get the support you need!

How to get support?

I firmly believe that everyone who needs one should be able to get a doula! So here we are, with my doula friend and partner Sonia making it the easiest possible for that to happen! 

We would love to hear your story and why you believe you should get support from us and your community. 

You can send us:

- a letter with your story and wishes 

- your income slip (if that applies) 

We will thoroughly study your request and if the funds allow it, we will ask to meet you for a first contact, and from then see how we can work together. 

We also ask you to consider an amount that would be comfortable for you to participate in us supporting you. Even if symbolical, we believe it is important that you feel in charge of your destiny. 


Get in touch with the letter explaining why you feel you need our support! We look forward to being here for you! 

+33 7 68 44 30 88 

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