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Who am I talking to? Who might need a doula? Part 3 - PREGNANT MUMS & HAPPY TO BE.

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Pregnant & Happy to be

You found out that you are pregnant, maybe you were trying, maybe it happened and you feel grateful that it did, you thought you couldn't have kids and it just happened as a surprise... All in all, you are pregnant and you can't stop smiling! Girl I'm smiling with you, my teeth are all out! Such an exciting and life changing time in your life!

I am a birht professional, so I do understand the different stages of pregnancy, on physiological, psychological and hormonal levels. I get it. Things are changing completely inside of you and it is so damn exciting, I can just be there by your side to help you get all the resources you need. I am like a very close friend who can't wait to hear about every doctor's appointment, every little turn your baby took in his sac. I help you prepare for the birth in order to empower you with the birth experience that is best for you, I help you structure yours and your partner's wishes and fears, write it down, apprehend it, control it. I'll be that person you call after you see your midwife to say how happy you are that the baby is in good shape. I am the one who organises a blessing ceremony for you and your baby to cross this new life path. I am the one that shares different rituals until we find the ones that work for who you are.

I give you support and I give you information so you know where to get your own information. I am the one who provides you with evidence based information so you can make informed choices. My role is to help you reach autonomy and confidence to voice your wishes and concerns to the professionals who are involved in yours and baby's health.

There are a lot I know, but a lot I don't know, but luckily, I have a big family of doulas supporting and cheering, ready to help if I need it. In my community, there are wonderful souls and amazing birth professionals, that I will not hesitate to refer you to if I know your questions and concerns are out of my capacities.

And I am that person who will take your choices as gifts, as they aren't for me to judge, whatever you do, it is what is best for you, so I'll be supporting you in whatever you decide. Although you are happy to be pregnant, although you are delighted because you are in full health and so is your baby, you may experience some discomforts, and I would love to hear about those too. Together we can find ways to know where it comes from, find the best way to deal with it, or to accept that it is part of the experience.

In short, I am your biggest supporter, with my knowledge, my community and my empathy I help you prepare for the best birth experience for you. I am an extra person who will have your back every step of the way.

For every happily pregnant person right now, I am raising a lovely cup of herbal tea!

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Until the next time 😘

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