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Renting Birthing Accessories

Here are accessories you can rent for when you choose to give birth at home.


Birthing Stool

This homemade Birthing stool gives you the opportunity to be in an ideal position to allow your body, gravity and your baby to help the natural birthing process, and gives your baby the space necessary to come out of the vaginal canal. 

Price: 5 weeks @ 60 chf/eur - delivered to your home

Professional Birthing Pool &

Non-reusable liner 

The La Bassine Birthing Pool is a professional birthing pool thought through to give you the space, comfort and privacy you need when you are in labor. 

The pack includes: Maxi Regular Birthing Pool, Pool Cover, Liner, Electric Air Pump, Submersible Water Pump, Eco Water Hose, Floor Sheet, Debris Net, Tap Connector, Nylon Storage Bag.

Price: 5 weeks @ 100chf/eur - delivered to your home 

5 weeks @ 150chf/eur with Birthing Stool - delivered to your home

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