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Massages Plans

Massage to me is a way of life, a self love practice. That is why I offer different plans. Do try one session, and if you feel that is something you like, then we can include that session to a massage plan. 

During a session you get: 

- time to discover who you are and what you need 

- time to breathe and stretch 

- time to sip some herbal tea I bring with some snacks 

- 1h to 1h30 of full body massage with warm oil for you

How do the plans work? 

* 10% off for 3 sessions.

* 20% off for 5 sessions.

Should you wish to purchase a plan, you can opt for a payment in instalments with a schedule we both agree on. Or you can choose to pay everything at once and be money worry free for the sessions to come. 

If you have purchased a few sessions ahead and realize that you won't need them, you can transfer them to the different categories (prenatal, postnatal) as they are on the same price base. 

Please do not let money issues stop you from getting this time and touch you so need. We can arrange a plan that works best with your budget. Do get in touch to discuss possibilities. 

  • 1 massage - 150chf/eur

  • 3 massages - 405chf/eur

  • 5 massages - 600chf/eur

Please note that if you are purchasing any other services, we can include a massage as part of a package. If it is something you are interested in, do let me know! 

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