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The First 40 Days 
 In Duo

The first 40 days after your birth are precious, not only for your newborn baby who is discovering life on earth, with you and everything that surrounds that new lifestyle, but also for you, the mother. Your body has gone under tremendous changes physiologically, hormonally and emotionally. For this special time, I thought it would be lovely to have the option of getting 2 doulas to "mother the mother", rather than one! Indeed, every doula brings something different to the table. It is a bit like having a mum and a grandmother coming in to take care of you. They both love you, both want the best for you and your child, but will care for you in different ways. Well this is what we thought we would create here. You meet us both at the first free consultation to get an idea of what we can offer, and see if you might benefit from getting twice the amount of oxytocin and love coming your way. Always this unconditional support to help you ease into your new life without judgement but with a lot of care and love. 

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