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Intrinsic Passion for Maternity and Care

Hi there, I am Sephora! I am so very excited to meet you. But before you make up your mind, here is my story. 

Since as early as I can remember I was lucky enough to be included in the beautiful world of women. I always wanted to become a woman and have this gift of bearing the possibility to one day become a mother. My craziest dream has always been to enjoy at least one pregnancy and birth my child. 

It took lots of beautiful people on my path, growth and gratitude for this gift to happen. My trying to conceive(TTC) journey was long, and yet every minute was serving what was coming next. I am now the very happy mother birthed in October 2021 in the comfort of my own home.


I grew up in France near Geneva, but I lived most of my adult life in London(nearly 10 years) and I have a special bond with the English language. That is why I chose to represent my services as what I think is at the foundation of who we are as human beings: we are all looking to be loved; we all started our lives in the womb of our mother. Moreover, Love Wombing is also a wink at Oliver James' book Love Bombing that as I understood it, encourages parents, but even humans in general, to give a love and affection concentrate to those we love to help repair some of their pain and traumas.  In addition to being my home for nearly 10 years, London  was also the place where, 5 years ago, I was privileged enough to be my sister's birth partner, supporting her through her pregnancy, her birth and her postpartum period. I gained enormous knowledge and even greater respect for long term breastfeeding mums. It is then that I started understanding that I was a Doula. It is only in 2018, during my first degree year in Psychology  and one year out to travel and meet people all around Europe, that I finally decided to get trained as what I knew was my calling. I chose to be trained in English by the wonderful Jesse Remer from Mother Tree Birth. Now that I am back after 15 months of travel around Europe in a van with my partner, I am now a DONA's Birth and Postpartum Doula certification candidate, and I want to use all my interests and knowledge to support you and your family in Geneva and surroundings, from Gex to Annecy. 

In November 2019, I am founding Hystera, an association for women, based in Choisy, 20 minutes from Annecy. Through this association, I am hoping that self-love and community are going to be the new trend, whilst doulas become as normal as getting an epidural is normal now. 

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you ease into any changes you might be going through. Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any questions. 

*In order to refer you to professionals that will be able to further help you when I have reached the limits of my skills, I am part of several associations and groups, amongst which the following: 

- Naitrensemble 

- La Leche League (LLLAnnecy)

- Association Professionnelle de l'Accouchement Accompagné à Domicile (APAAD) 

- Formation Placenta 


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