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Whether it is before your baby is here, during pregnancy or after you gave birth, I am so honoured to take care of you through the body. Your body remembers, holds tensions and fears. I suggest we spend time together to let you free of anything that might hold you back through our chats, and then we can confirm that release through massage. Whenever I am with you, I welcome and cherish our exchanges with unconditional love and a total absence of judgement.

And once you baby is born, let me show you how fun and precious it is for her/ him to be touched and have your love anchored into his cells through your caring hands. 

I was lucky enough to receive my training from the absolutely amazing Sylvie Graton, and I am excited to help you experience those important moments of your life with compassion, love and empathy she infused in me. 

I come to your home or if you prefer we can meet under the LoveWombing red tent. 


Pre-conception Massage 

Together we take a moment out of your routine to talk about your journey towards conception, we breathe and move together. 

Finally, I will pass energy through my hands to your body that much needs and deserve to be pampered. Relieving fears and tensions through words and through touch will contribute to a more relaxed version of you, hopefully leaving plenty of room for the most important oxytocin you need to conceive. 


Prenatal Massage 

Every effort is made to increase your level of comfort during pregnancy. 

From the 4th month of pregnancy, I will come to you to bring some softness and warmth to your whole body. 

Your well-being encourages the baby to develop adequately and prepares your mind as well as your body to labour gently. 

This moment for yourself and your baby is precious, and we make a regular habit of it, so time for you two becomes more and more of a priority.


Post-natal Massage 

On those sessions, we talk about your birth, about your baby, about how you feel being a mum. Now that you have gone opened your body, your heart and soul to leave the passage open for your baby, I come to help you recenter. Through your body, you will experience deep relaxation and a time to re-feel and re-discover your body. 

Because you are now your baby's go to person, you too need someone to mother you. All your power and strength was used for birth, so together we piece things back together gently so you can discover the new you, surrounded by loving hands. 


Baby Massage 

Your beautiful baby has arrived. I can only wish for you that you had the support and time to bond fully with your baby during the first few weeks of her/his life outside the comfort of your womb. 

Your baby, just like you, needs to be touched, loved to be nourished by your love, and massage is another way of letting that safety and softness sink in, not only through words but through his/her body. 

When I come to you to massage your baby, my goal is to show you ways that will be so beneficial for your baby, and for your relationship with your baby. But the next time, I am here to support you. And if you don't already massage your new life companion instinctively, then we can see together to implement a short routine that will do you both a world of good. 

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