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LoveWombing 1_1.HEIC

LoveWombing 1:1

Love Wombing 1:1 is a time and space for all women. Regardless of the phase of life you are in now, I am offering an opportunity to have time and space for all of your feelings, with empathy and care. 

Using all the tools under my belt to create a cosy and welcoming mood for all that you are, we take an hour to talk and to relax your body through intuitive massage.


Unlike therapy who is trying to treat you, I believe that we just need love, safety, time and space to be our best self. And I hope to offer you just that during our 1 on 1 sessions. 

Pink Flower Bloom

One shot session

One session might be the breath of fresh air you need to sort your thoughts with an empathic ear and get the necessary boost to go back stronger into your life. 

The one shot sessions are also great gifts for someone that matters to you and who you think might enjoy and benefit from this offering. 

Rose Bush

Regular Appointments with yourself

If after meeting you wish to nourish this relationship with yourself, I am happy to create a regular time slot in my calendar dedicated to you and your needs, wants, thoughts, feelings, body. 

This way, I believe we can take the time to reflect together, while you'll have time to integrate and digest what has been experienced and discussed in session. 

You have the guarantee that weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, there is a specific time and space that is exclusively prepared and allocated to you.

How much will it cost?

I offer you to participate between 20 & 50 euros per session until September 2023 as a launching price. 

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