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Part of something bigger, together to build, inform and support


Association for everyone who hopes for respected births

Anyone who feels called by birth and everything around it.

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Association Professionelle de l'Accouchement Accompagné à Domicile, Paris

Professional Association for Assisted Home Birth. (French)

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An organisation in support of breastfeeding, worldwide

Regular meetings for parents interested, practicing, struggling, needing support with breastfeeding. 

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Association for parents

From conception, through pregnancy, birth and afterwards, lots of services for every step.

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Doulas making a difference for families, worldwide

Resources and training point for doulas worldwide. 


Association doulas, Geneva

Doula Genève is an association of doulas working in Geneva and surroundings. 

Working together and uniting in projects for families, with families


Doula - Célébrante laïque

Sonia is an accomplished doula that brings softness and love to the families she supports. Find her by my side whenever I support you in French.

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Doula - Yoga teacher 

Paula is an experienced English, Portugese, Spanish and French speaking doula, yoga teacher based in Geneva. We love to work together through food. 


Independant midwife

Nathalie is one of the few extraordinary midwives in Geneva and surroundings who supports families in their home birth project.

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Centre de formation et de soins

Training center and dispensing treatments of various kinds. I received my training by Sylvie Graton for massages to pregnant and postpartum women. 

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Training for placenta transformation

An online course to learn how to safely use the placenta in the postpartum.


Ethical and ecological Rebozos, order online

Alice created a line of ethical and organic Rebozos! Love it! Respecting the users as well as the environment. 

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