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As a Doula and Facilitator, I organise and manage the rituals and ceremonies that mark passages of yours or your loved ones lives so you have me completely dedicated to your needs, and you can forget about the logistics and enjoy those cocooning moments, created just for you. 

The ceremonies I offer are as follow: 

- Fresh Moons ( First menstruation ) 

- Preparing for the baby I want ( Trying to conceive and putting intentions for the baby to come ) 

- From woman to mother ( Mother blessing before the birth )

- Rebozo treatment ( 40 days postpartum and more )

- Naming ceremony ( Celebrating your baby and how you chose to name  her/ him ) 

- Gratitude for the placenta ( burial, imprint of the placenta )

- Last moons ( Last menstruation )

- Red tent on demand ( Women's circle under the Love Wombing red tent )

My services will vary depending on what you would like (ex: more intimate or large group of guests), the best way is to contact me so we can discuss the best formula for you. 

Photographer: Sabrina Soave 

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