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The Club

Great books, great people, great conversation. 

When you join the club, you come and discuss invaluable books about conception, pregnancy, birth, the fourth semester with other women, mums, dads, parents to be, grandparents.

Anyone touched closely or loosely by parenthood. 

About every 2 weeks, we meet up in Choisy to discuss the book we've read, and find out what it brings up, what were the main points we take away. How it will be helpful in our life. 

And because sharing is caring we share all of it together as a group. 

And of course, with tea, cake and a big fat dose of empathy and oxytocin.

On top of learning about subject you might be passionate, excited, scared, curious about, it is the perfect occasion to create bonds with similar minded people, make friends.. 


Join The Club
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